A DNA test could be done to prove or disprove the biological mother or the biological father of the child with a very high accuracy (99.9 % minimum).

Our DNA tests are valid for the court or for any administration including German embassies or the „Ausländerbehörde“.

We use buccal swab samples – not blood – for analysis, taken without any health risks from the cheek of a person.

Appointments could be scheduled at two different places in Essen:

  1. at the Universityhospital Essen (Hufelandstr. 55)
  2. at the Ruhrlandklinik in the South of Essen (Tüschener Weg 40, 45239 Essen)

Please book your appointment via phone 0201 723 3623 or by email (micaela.poetsch@uk-essen.de) for both places.